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We want you to enjoy what we've designed so we strive to achieve a level of quality for you to have peace of mind.

Watches. Warranty begins the day the item it is shipped. Watches in general, don't need maintenance servicing during the warranty period. However, it is advised to have it undergo such a service every five years. Contact your local watchmaker for such a service.

Straps. These items have less coverage for warranty and we don't normally accept returns. However, we are more than happy with a replacement should there be defects with the straps.

For both item categories, contact us right away if something is not right such as a malfunction, defect, or late/lost deliveries.

Claims Under Warranty

What we cannot claim under warranty are faults caused by normal wear and tear, external factors, improper use, or unauthorised tampering.

In case of repairs, it will take time and needs a couple of months or more to have it sent back to you. What we can do is talk to you throughout the process so you know what's happening. We can also let your local watchmaker do the repairs for you should it be more convenient and expenses can be claimed under warranty with the scope of the fix agreed upon by both parties. This alternative has to be done in utmost care however, as any work outside the agreed repairs will not be covered by warranty.

Returns & Refunds

We can issue refunds under reasonable circumstances. Contact us first before sending it back within 14 days of receiving it.  You will have to handle return shipping and has to be unworn, undamaged, in its original packaging with all protective films intact.

If it was returned to us and any of the conditions above is not met, we can't issue a refund.  We can still send it back to you however, but you need to handle the shipping cost.

After we received and inspected the item, we can then send the refund within seven business days.  We will refund only the item value without the cost of shipping. So with a total purchase of $100 and a shipping fee of $10, you will be refunded $90.

NOTE: A full refund including the shipping fee can be issued if a customer manages to purchase an item that is out of stock.

Crowdfunded purchase. If it was pre-ordered from a crowdfunding site, 10% is also taken away from the refund value lowering it to $81. This percentage is the amount the crowdfunding site takes from backer pledges and it may be less depending on the campaign.

Questionable transactions. We reserve the right to cancel, refund, or refuse an order if it's found fraudulent or untrustworthy. Our payment gateways uses a sophisticated fraud detection mechanism which can determine if a transaction is of high risk. This include, and is not limited to, orders made with stolen or fake credit card accounts, impersonation, or suspicious billing or shipping addresses.

We may also refund and cancel an order in situations that is deemed accidental or mistaken either by the customer or on our part.

Lost or late items. Please take into consideration the amount of time a parcel needs to reach its destination. Most arrive within three weeks after the item is shipped, less for those using private couriers like DHL. Purchases that travel by regular mail like straps, please allow a maximum of four weeks for delivery before we are allow a refund or replacement.

If you fear an item is lost or late (for those with tracking), we'll do our utmost diligence to investigate on our side but may need your assistance should your local courier can be contacted. This usually solves most cases and if we cannot locate your item after four weeks after shipping, we are open on issuing a refund or replacement.

A Very Important Advice

When sending an item back to us you also need to secure the condition of the item during return shipping, especially against loss or damage. We cannot make a warranty claim or issue a refund if such a thing happened during transit.