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Website Visitors

People who visit our website are recorded by our e-commerce platform. We do not associate data specifically to a visitor like browser used, the pages viewed, and internet habits. These are all recorded anonymously and we use it to make user experience in our site better.

Use and Disclosure of Data

Information we get from e-mails, customer orders, and ads are used only by us for marketing and correspondence.  We do not disclose this information to third parties unless you or the law compels us to do so.  You can request us to delete your data or unsubscribe from our newsletter but information from purchase invoices can only be archived and not deleted.

Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies to store data on your machine or device and is used to make it easier to use our website.  These cookies may get deleted when you close your browser depending on your settings or if you deliberately removed them. Disabling cookies may result in a degraded user experience.

For questions regarding your personal information stored in our website, please contact us using our contact form in the menu.