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Tangramatic is an independent watch brand from Sydney, Australia that started in 2014. The word is a portmanteau of tangram (a seven-piece puzzle game) and automatic (acts by itself). So essentially, tangramatic symbolizes the act of self-transformation. The logo is based from one of the seven-pointed stars of the Australian flag and a tribute to the country where it was founded.

Inspired by design. It is our brand vision is to continually innovate and awe without compromising the delightful experience of having a quality timepiece. We are passionate about good design and certain art movements show in our works like Bauhaus and other post-modern art.

But we don't stop there as exploring design is an ever-evolving interest. Anywhere as far as our passion takes us!

Hoc gestes salubriter. An important saying to watch enthusiasts of the world, it's classical Latin for "May you wear it in good health." A well-wishing phrase addressed to the person who have finally decided to own a timepiece worth keeping.

About the founder. Francis is an IT professional who has a long career in web development both with start-ups and big corporations. His second breath of life was when he moved to Australia on January 2009.

On January 2014, he bought a watch to celebrate his fifth year stay in the beautiful continental country. Before he knew it, it's his third breath of life, an object of passion he never knew he had. This started a journey down the rabbit hole and into the wonderful world of watches. He got involved with the community of Watchuseek and by July of 2014, he created the brand name Tangramatic.

He still has his day job as a web developer, plays the violin, and does sketch art with his pen during his free time. When there's a chance, he goes for long drives with cameras in tow to capture the vibrance and beauty Australia has to offer.