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Tangramatic is an independent watch brand from Sydney, Australia created in 2014. The word is a portmanteau of tangram (a seven-piece puzzle game) and automatic (acts by itself). Our brand logo, an exploding seven-pointed star, is a tribute to our origins and symbolizes our brand vision.

Designed by us. We take pride in that we have a multi-dimensional approach to our design language. Be it casual, formal, sporty, or even of a military vibe, we don't limit ourselves to what's already out there. We take the mundane and make it extraordinary again. A perfect representation of our brand vision.

And not only that, we stand by with what reaches your wrist. A dedication to support the wearers of our creations, something that is becoming less common to our modern, smart-everything generation.

Our story. Tangramatic was founded by me, Francis, when I bought a watch for myself back in the beginning of 2014.

I remembered it was sometime around Australia day (26th of January) that I bought my first watch to commemorate the fifth year of my stay in Australia. Being an IT professional, I should be some kind of a tech-savvy person but that's far from the truth -- I actually wanted something that doesn't require me to update or download anything or fuss with any kind of troubleshooting just to make something work. In short, something that does one thing and does it well.

Proud of my purchase (it was a Wenger quartz watch), I thought about looking for more watches online. One thing lead to another and I found myself developing a taste for the craftsmanship of mechanical watches and bought myself a Hamilton and a Ball watch months later.

I love design and art and soon I began combining my budding passion for watches and designing watch dials in my spare time. I bought sketchbooks and sketched hundreds of ideas. And after some more time hanging around watch forums, I finally created Tangramatic.

The language of design. As a brand, there's more to the name than how it was created. I wanted a brand that's unique in its own right but not dismissive of the influences that it was clearly borne from.

I wanted it to be progressive. I wanted to look at something and say, "What if we do it this way, wouldn't it be better?" And that's how I approached design for the most part. Make no mistake, it's also a constant learning process, oftentimes a painfully slow one as I'm always out testing ideas and be highly critical of each.

The name today. As it is, Tangramatic still represents what it was originally made for -- to be symbolic of the transformation of the mundane, to be a combination of the past and present in the realm of horology. As a brand, we are none like any other and definitely not under the category of fast fashion.

Ours is where the function is humanized by the form and the form is made possible by the function. We put lots of thought in the engineering and design of our watches and make them into art pieces that you can relate to.

We wanted to marvel a watch wearer and at the same time, for them to find pleasure in it.