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What's in Our Heads when 2020 Comes

What's in Our Heads when 2020 Comes

Hello everyone,

I know that there's not much activity the past year even though I have hinted at quite a few things to be released this year. There were challenges along the way that prevented new models to come out. And heck, we haven't had a new model since 2016¬†ūü§£¬†

So we'll take things as they progress. To give it to you guys straight, all of the models mentioned in Instagram are in design phase. None are in prototyping phase just yet. Already got a new factory to work with but I haven't gotten in touch with them in months (got a fairly hectic IT life). This was when I was trying to give Auriga a go.

Next thing I am going to say is that I am stuck with the 36mm model called Delune. And it's not even that complicated of a design. But the biggest design blocker is that I am trying to finalize the design direction for Tangramatic.

As you guys may have known, Tangramatic started with the Bauhaus aesthetic. The biggest influence I had then was Nomos, it just so happens their most popular model, Tangente, sounded like Tangramatic. But hey, that's only the first four letters. Fast forward a year later, and I have designed Hyperion which is anything but Bauhaus. In fact, it's the opposite making me question if I still had the same vision that started this all.

Needless to say, I still had a lot learn.

Anyway, let's get back to the original topic. Below is a recap of upcoming models.

Delune. A dress watch, 36~38mm in diameter. It's French for the phrase of the moon, and it's meant to be a fully lumed dial exactly like the Moon Bauhaus. It's going to use either white or blue Superluminova and is meant to use the Miyota 9032 so we can have that thin profile of 10mm max.

Hyperion. The explorer watch with a hint of space theme. After our Kickstarter didn't push through back in 2017, I had to auction off the prototypes. Those will be ultra-unique now as there will be none other like it. This new version will be slightly larger at 42mm. Movement is still a toss up. I'll also introduce a new dial design.

Nereid. Another tragic Kickstarter story. I think I launched this right after another watch with a similar model name took all potential backers away. I am kidding, that's only a nagging feeling I had. Honestly, I feel like it could have been done better, especially that Atlantic model. That one has the makings of a classic just like the Argo.

Auriga. Oh Auriga, never seen the light of day. Well it did, just not long enough. After getting the prototypes I was quite disappointed of the outcome and decided not to release it, even show the prototypes of it. At the moment, I am thinking of using other movements other than Seiko VK which has the snap reset. Incidentally, the VKs are not really a flyback chronograph movement which I thought it was.

As such, hope you guys keep subscribed. I will somehow get these rolled out eventually. Will let you know when things have begun to warm up a bit more.






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