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Tangramatic is going for Kickstarter

With the Kickstarter launch imminent, it's an exciting day for Tangramatic to finally be available to show the alpha model to the world.

If you are reading this, preparations are being made for the big day.  But for now, look into our Facebook page about all the progress we've made or subscribe so you can be there before the Kickstarter campaign launches.

But first, for those who need more information, read on.

What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is a crowd funding site.  It is where people from all around the world see projects done usually before it hits production. Those who like the project can back it and give some level of monetary support (lowest is $1) in exchange for gratitude from the project creator or the end result of the project itself.

The project could either produce a video, a record, support for a personal goal, an invention, or just about anything.  

Projects have goals and ends at a specific date. If there are enough backers putting in pledges (money) that the total reaches or exceeds that goal, then the project is successful and the pledge amount goes to the project creator when the funding period ends.

The project creator then uses the support to fulfill the project. Fulfilling the project may be immediate or it may take half a year to complete or more.  That's why it's important that there's communication between the creator and his or her backers throughout the process.

Why is Tangramatic using Kickstarter?
Tangramatic is just starting up, meaning we don't have the watch in production yet that is why we are presenting what it would look like if people bought it and wore it.

By using Kickstarter, we can make production happen and in effect, it's already a form of pre-ordering.  That is you provide payment before the product even exists. 

Isn't this risky?
Absolutely. It requires a measure of trust for people to give their support and expect the project creator to fulfill the promise of a reward for the pledge.

But if I could get the watch in retail, why bother with Kickstarter?
Starting a company is very hard work.  Most don't even get to a stage where it's stable or self-supporting. Kickstarter helps alleviate with this part. And for that to be appealing to backers, the project creator makes the product or end result be better than retail. This can either be a discounted price, perks that will not be in production, exclusivity, and many other things. It can even be personal, like helping the project take off simply because you like what they do.

What if the project fails?
Backers or supporters get to keep their money! Not all ideas can be successful, it's just the way things are and is but a learning experience for the project creator.


I hope this article enlightened people about the great things about crowd funding, and get Tangramatic off the ground. Again, if you'd like what's happening please subscribe!  It will really mean a lot.


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