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A Day with the Nereid Atlantic

A Day with the Nereid Atlantic

One of the hallmarks of our brand is the use of words for hour markers. I've started using this concept back with the 39a then on to the Nereid Argo, both of which were Bauhaus-inspired typographic marvels.

People loved them!

So I decided to create something a bit more true to the marine theme and came up with the Nereid Atlantic. It is based on a nautical instrument called an engine order telegraph or chadburn. This instrument was used to relay instructions to the engine room as to the direction and speed of the ship.

During the design, I thought about creating a successor to the Nereid Argo but that concept belonged more to a bauhaus line than to a marine one.

I had to thought of several concepts including a 'porthole' dial that never got into prototyping phase. Truth be told, there are so many concepts that can be done for the Nereid series but as things go, I had to decide on the Atlantic sub model.

As with most things, a design is best demonstrated by plenty of pictures!
Getting along with the Argo
With the Moon Bauhaus

It uses the Miyota cal.9015 so there's a bit of refined specification there. All else, it shares with the Nereid Pacific.

How does it wear? As well as the original Nereid of course.


But what about the fantastic deep blue version below?

That my friends, is for another blog entry. In the meantime, do sign up for the preorders!