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Nereid Twenty Seventeen

Nereid Twenty Seventeen

After developing Nereid 38, I thought about the dimensions of the original Nereid which is 42mm and why it's so desirable. By modern standards, it's average sized with case sizes of 40mm and below now being thought of as small (in actuality, it's these that are what's mid-sized).  How times has changed.

So I spent the last months designing a new Nereid. Not necessarily Nereid 2, although it's the easiest designation for it. It's quite different from its predecessors hence my apprehension. Nevertheless, if you look at the dials below, you'll know what I mean.

Two dial variations

The first is inspired from a ship's porthole (hublot in French, oblò in Italian, just so I mention it) combined with the Argo of the first generation. The second is inspired from the ship's telegraph or chadburn, a control instrument used to determine the speed of the ship.  It's called a telegraph because it sends a signal to the engine room for the engineers to actually execute the command. It 'telegraphs' a message so to speak by means of sound or a visual cue.

Porthole variation

Telegraph variation

This generation of Nereid doesn't have a Bauhaus variation however, as I intend to revise the first generation and have it restocked. When it will be, I'll have yet to determine myself.

The case is also based from the original Nereid but a bit more refined and is designed to house a Miyota cal.9015, one of the most desirable movements today.

Side view of the Nereid

Like the first, it has varying finishes which should make it interesting to look at. I've always liked using segmented effects on my works, and this has been evident even with the debut model, the 39a. I've increased the lug to lug distance to 49mm, to give a bit more allowance for thick straps.

Will post another update when I've got more stuff to say about the matter.


May 29, 2021 • Posted by aloxele

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Aug 25, 2017 • Posted by Chris

Wow, as a graphic designer and typography appreciator, I say well done on the telegraph version of this watch. I will be looking forward to checking out the finished product and perhaps adding it to my collection.

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