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Movement: The ST17

Movement: The ST17

With the upcoming 38mm, there's still some deliberation on what sort of movement to use. Naturally, the most important criteria is that it can fit within a 10mm case structure. For a marine watch, it's imperative that it needs to have a small seconds feature.

Sea-gull ST17Introducing the ST17 calibre.  It's produced by Sea-Gull, perhaps one of the largest producer of mechanical movements in the world. The design of the movement itself is based from its predecessor, the ST16 and has been in production since 2001. 

The features are perfect for a mid-sized watch. The downside is perhaps more on the public perception of Sea-Gull as a Chinese movement maker, of which in turn, implies it makes lesser movements. This may refer to the defect rate, the finishing of the movement, and even the price of acquiring the movements itself as it's much lower than its Japanese or Swiss counterparts.

However, issues can be significantly addressed with proper quality control and for those that still get through, should be covered by warranty. Finishing is just one of the many aspects of the watch that makes it attractive, and as for the price, again it's more of perception than anything.

On one hand, there are those who welcome the bargain of having a good watch for a better price than something that looks like it but for a significant jump in cost.  And on the other, there are those who cannot get past a watch that doesn't have a popularly respected movement.

Sea-gull ST17 general specifications

  • Beat rate - 21,600 bph
  • Small seconds at 6 o'clock, date / no date / skeleton / jumping hour variations
  • Jewels - 20, 25, 28 (depending on variation)
  • Dimensionally compatible with Miyota and uses a Seiko-style automatic winding system


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Mar 04, 2021 • Posted by Ian Smyth

I bought a 1963 inspired re issue with seagull st17 movement and power reserve and date been wearing constantly for 3 months runs lovely keeps great time about 4 secs fast a day. Time will tell the longevity but for such a finely finished watch and a, price tag of £81 shipped from China if it conked out tomorrow it would be no big deal but its running lovely and hopefully for the long term quality price ratio European etc cannot come close.

Dec 19, 2020 • Posted by aloxele

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Mar 07, 2020 • Posted by Blaze

I have a Lucien Picard 1673A with a ST-17 movement. Runs between 7-10 seconds fast a day. No problems as of 3 months. For $69 it seems well worth what I paid for it. I recommend it.

Jun 01, 2019 • Posted by ian syms

I purchased a chinese built watch with a seagull ST17 automatic some two years ago.
Finding it fairly accurate for an automatic and comperable in reliability with its far more expensive Swiss and Japanese eqquivalents Idecided to purchase two more of the generic Burei versions.
two years passed all still going well and keeping great consistant time when wearing them. now have a myota powered one and a seiko powered other generic chinese version also a Burei and a Binger also comperable.
Also have a holsun with an unknown movement that also seems to work well.
I feel that those that want to squander their money on Swiss and German are lucky to have huge Bank accounts.Me I am happy to play around in ChinaLand

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