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Cafe Lights and Marine Watches

Cafe Lights and Marine Watches

For the most part, I am more of a casual photographer. I enjoy seeing something without the painstaking setups and the light-hearted theme, if any, is what's prevalent in the pictures I take. I don't even try to get the best lighting when I take a snap.

Well, most of the time.

Today I decided to bring the blue Nereid Atlantic with me and get some shots going. I kept in mind that the best feature of this Nereid is the sunburst dial. So I opted to get the angles where I could see it play.

With the first Nereid (circa 2016), the texture of the dial is simply a vertical brush. I do love the effect and would do so again. For now, I would like try the more conventional radial effect.

The blue-ness is also a bit different from the first as it's more 'royal', if I ever had to describe it. When I was designing this I had a myriad of decisions to make like color and form. "Would it look better if it's this way?" or "Will it have this effect that mesmerizes the eyes?", questions I ask when bringing up a design concept.

Simple things become colossal flow charts. But let's get on to some wrist shots.

Mind you, my wrist is about 6.25" which is definitely on the slim side. Add the fact that cameras have a way of distorting an image and you can see that the dial looks like it is overwhelming my wrist (it doesn't).

It fits nicely under my winter jacket. You may have to stretch your cuffs it you try it with your long sleeve clothing.

Let's take it off the wrist shall we?

As you can see, it's by no means the slimmest watch (13mm thick, 50mm lug to lug). But I did put some nice touches on the case by mixing brush and polished surfaces. 

There's our display caseback that shows the movement which is a Miyota cal.9015. Got a nice print on the rotor too to add some modest decoration. You may notice that the movement is a bit more recessed than normal. That's because the case was designed to house the Miyota cal.8247 which is about 1.50mm thicker than a 9015.

For the next blog post, I'll try taking pictures of the Nereids with some crazy horse straps I ordered. 

If you liked what you see, check out the all articles for the Nereid. Do sign up when we launch pre-orders later this year.



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