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Buckle up with the Crazy Horse

Buckle up with the Crazy Horse

Last week I got the crazy horse straps to try with the Nereids and may I say, I like it. Here's a quick look at the straps I got.

I got three colours: brown, tan, and green. Previous leather straps I used have stitches all around the perimeter but these ones only have a few knots on both ends. Though not uncommon, I am a bit curious about its construction. I presume it uses an adhesive to stick the layers together just like in some types of shoes.

Plus, I got samples with plenty of adjustment holes and a different buckle type. Always good things.

Before anything else, what the heck is crazy horse leather?  There are immediate visual differences if you compare it to a common leather strap. It doesn't have the usual leather texture which are sometimes just imprinted on the surface. But what do leather experts say?

Crazy horse leather does not mean that the leather came from horses. These leather has been treated to look and feel aged while retaining its ruggedness and toughness. They are usually used to make horse saddles and hence the name "Crazy Horse." - Modest Mark

And here's a bit more about its production:

Crazy horse leathers are produced by applying a specific kind of wax to a full grain cowhide leather surface which has been buffed and smoothed out. This process results in the abrasion of the treated area changing its color. - Crazy Horse Craft

I did a quick review of the suppleness of the strap and found it to be quite malleable. Is this true for all crazy horse leather? Not sure but I'm enjoying it. Here's a picture with the blue Nereids

I love the green one as there's a military vibe to it. It's more like moss green or deep sea green and given a period amount of use, should acquire abrasions and bend marks that will give it plenty of character.

Let's now check out the rather warm tan colour with the Nereid Atlantic.

Not bad at all, it certainly has its place for someone looking for a bit more zest. Its colour reminds me of an uncle's dancing shoes or an aunt's go-to handbag. It may invoke a different memory for you but to me, those are the two things that come to mind when I look at it.

And now, check out a few more extra shots.

That's it! We're done with our round up of the straps.

If you liked what you see, do sign up for pre-orders of the Nereid, planned for an August launch. I just might include these straps as part of the pledge or as an extra. We'll see how it goes.

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