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The Nereid has Landed

Tangramatic 42n, also known as Nereid, has arrived at Sydney at last!  They look marvelous and looks awesome even though they are only prototypes.  Initial impressions is that they feel like they have a nice weight to them, the enamel dialed ones are gorgeous and has very good clarity.

The non-white Nereids like the blue Pacific and dark Argo have their own appeal as well looking casual yet enigmatic. There will be plenty of pictures coming soon.  I've sent some to the photographer to have a crisp, clean versions while I do the amateur ones which will show it in natural light.

All in all, I am happy with the results. I think this is something people will really like on their wrists.

Checkout these hashtags in Instagram for more | #tangramatic #NereidArgo #NereidPacific


Jan 31, 2016 • Posted by michel haakman

Can’t wait to get a pacific on my arm.
Perfect design

Jan 18, 2016 • Posted by tony le

i can’t wait to get the white pacific on my wrist! excellent design and concept ! something coming from Sydney is already a bonus !!!

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