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The Making of Nereid

Updates 1 Dec 2015.  They are coming!  And they look marvelous.  I'm going to take tons of pictures of them before sending them off to other photographers.


Updates 21 Nov 2015.  The samples will be done by next week! Stand by for pictures on the week after :)

Updates 28 Oct 2015.  Looks like we may have a tentative arrival of the samples!  We're looking at the third week of November which means we've got December sending the word out and snapping some tasty photographs before we prepare for our Kickstarter campaign next year.

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Updates 17 Oct 2015.  Three components are ready, the crown, the crystal, and the movement.  Here you'll see that spectacular rotor of the Miyota 8245 and 8247 as well as the engraved design on the crown, an 'N' superimposed on the steering wheel of a ship.


Update 23 Sep 2015.  Updates on the Nereid! The water resistance is raised to 10ATM because well, why not? It's already built for it, might as well go all the way. The crown design is modified a bit as well as the captain's steering wheel looks embossed by being enclosed in an etched circle.


[It all started ...]. When we first designed the second model, we wanted it to be a leisure-oriented watch -- beach, road trips, cruise ships, yachting, all sorts of touring, stuff you do while towing your cameras and sitting in a cafe with a view.  And if your weekday feels like a leisure, that could work too!

But we need an inspiration. Throughout the year and even before we started Tangramatic, we've been gazing at spectacular cruise ships take port in Circular Quay and visited places like Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, and Eden. This time, our muse took a form: a marine watch.

Solidifying the concept. Visually it's not complicated nor that unusual. But that's exactly the challenge -- how to make something basic and overlooked a little more exciting.

By definition, a marine watch is a wearable time piece originally used in navigation that is synced with the ship's chronometer. It's also known as a deck watch or observer watch used by sailors on deck during their long voyages at sea.


  • 42mm case diameter 
  • 12mm height 
  • 20mm lug width
  • flat sapphire crystal
  • anti-reflective coating under the crystal
  • Miyota 8245 / 8247 automatic movements, 21600 bph non-hacking
  • 316L stainless steel
  • 10ATM water resistance
  • 12 month warranty

Nereid PacificThe well-known version of the marine watch has a sub-dial either at 6 or 12 o'clock without a date. We then made a variation by adding a second subdial showing the synced 24 hour version of the time.

We wanted to make use of a lesser utilized movement from Miyota and see how we can make it as attractive as other movements with true complications. The added subdial is more of a balancing aesthetic rather than functional but it is useful as a meridian indicator.

Nereid Argo.  Making designs in the Bauhaus style has always been interesting to us. How do you make something more with less? 

We intend for Argo to be modest and elegant yet methodical in its execution: the placement of delicate lines harmonized with the symmetric typography in a way not exactly done before. Just like we did with the 39a Bauhaus.

Sounds good so far?

We'll continue to update this page when we make progress all the way until prototypes arrive.

You can show interest by subscribing to our newsletter, just put your e-mail in the box at the bottom of this page and hit subscribe.  We will plan to hit Kickstarter to get this model funded for production targeting around $290 AUD or $200 USD each.

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Dec 16, 2018 • Posted by Richard Barna


MY name is Richard from Hungary.
I’m an watch trader, cince about 1990…
You did not think, that watch should be promoted here in Europe too?
Because I have a big customer group whocould try to show / sell this very nice product.
If You have some idea about this, pls inform me.

Best Regards


Jun 24, 2017 • Posted by Damien

I know I’m a couple of years late, but my Nereid Argo will be here next week. I can’t wait! Keep up the great work.

Oct 14, 2015 • Posted by Joseph

I cannot wait to see the Nereid Argo on my wrist!

Sep 09, 2015 • Posted by Francis

Thanks Rob! We pride ourselves with our work :)

Sep 05, 2015 • Posted by Rob McNelis

I think it’s really admirable that you guys create truly unique designs. And they still look clean. :)

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