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Why It's Tricky to Get a Watch?

Sometimes you have one of those decisive moments when you could just make one decision and you're happy with it.

And sometimes you just can't make up your mind. Such can be the case when choosing the watch you want. But first of all, why want a watch? There are a multitude of reasons a person would take interest in an item in which its function is superseded by its appearance. Simply put, you like the way it looks. We're creatures where image matters in many things no matter how trained we are with emphasizing what is necessary.

After all, that is the definition of luxury -- once you get all your basic needs met, we increase the chances to want something and no longer just to need something.  Some people, and maybe ourselves at certain times, do put wants over needs and that's where the confusion starts.

And the watch is one of the most terrible things to put all the wants in one small package.

Take for example the not-so-comprehensive list of iconic, popular watches that has history or celebrity tied with them:

These watches, either by reason or season, achieved status as some of the most desirable of the watches as luxury items. Given enough money or time to develop a taste for these watches, people want them. But since their price is now far beyond the amount of money the common salary man would ever want to part with, people then tend to go for the more moderate brands that offer watches with alternative look or ones that look like the watches above at a much affordable price. The tricky part begins when the common salary man opens the browser and find that there are literally hundreds choices of what he wants.  Or maybe that's a good thing? More options is always a good thing right?

But if you're a techie who doesn't bother with haute horlogerie and are into the smartest, coolest watch like the Apple Watch, then even if there are far fewer brands that cater to this there is still the issue of the newest, more updated version of the same thing next year (or even next month).

I guess we're all awashed with options which can be both good and bad, depending on how much you'd like to torture yourself. In the end, it's all about two things that settles it: the budget, and the fact that you need it tomorrow after you clicked the buy button.

Nobody really likes to wait.


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